Top 20 articles for 28 days

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1 ASP.NET MVC: Storing application configuration in JSON-file with dependency injection

In this article I'm going to show how to storing application settings in JSON-file instead of using web.config. Also one of tasks is availability dependency injection for application settings.

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2 Plugins for ASP.NET MVC based on Autofac modules

Modular applications are well-scalable applications that which are simply amenable to expansion, i.e. adding new functionality. This article describes one of the examples of how to organize a modular application based on a DI container Autofac.

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3 Publishing posts to Wordpress with API on XML RPC

In this article talk about publishing posts to WordPress blog using XML RPC (API). Also it explain how to use Calabonga.XmlRpcClient nuget-package to do posting.

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4 Repository pattern as abstraction level for Data Access Layer or just helpful nuget package

How do I access a database without much effort? How do I apply a repository and a working template unit? This article describes Calabonga.EntityFramework assembly, which will largely could be simplify some aspects. You can use this publication as a guide for this build.

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5 Angular plus Web API (OWIN) minus MVC 5

In this article I'm going to show how you can build Angular applications over WebAPI services without MVC5. As you will see the key point is OWIN.

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6 OperationResult: The server response is always clear to the user

This article will discuss how to tell the user that his request is incorrect and not to throw an exception or any other incomprehensible HTTP request status code.

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7 LINQ: PredicateBuilder

Nuget package for LINQ predicate builder

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8 ASP.NET Core 2.2: The standalone service for scheduling jobs

The implementation of the IHostedService with cron-format scheduling and scope-operations.

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9 Application architecture: conceptual layers and arrangements for their use

To construct an application architecture is hard. The complexity of the development increases in direct proportion to the developers count who participate in it. In this case, developers should to adhere to predefined rules, templates and arrangements, design patterns, well-known software development methodologies and, in general, OOP principles.