О блоге

The beginning of the blog was laid on the pages of the already departed portal MySpace.com, whose blogging service was provided by Microsoft. It was there that the first articles were written. After a while, the service ordered to "live long", after which the ordeal began in search of a good platform for publishing their articles. Many different sites have been tried, ranging addressFrom blog.ru and ending with wordpress.com. As a result of short tests, it was decided to write their own engine for the blog.

In April 2012 (version 2. x. x), our blog was separated addressFrom the main sections of the site www.calabonga.com

In October 2017 the blog is being rewritten (version 3. x. x), which is called "addressFrom scratch". The update took place on June 5, 2017. This time a new platform was chosen ASP.NET Core.

After the release of NET 5.0, we had to rewrite the blog engine to stay at the peak of technological prowess.

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