About me

I have been doing programming since 1989, and on the platform .NET since 2001, that is, since its release. I started writing programs on programmable calculators very long time ago.


I've developed some useful skills:

  • Generally: ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, SignalR, JavaScript, jQuery, knockoutjs, MVVM, PRISM, ES6, Silverlight, TDD, DDD, Unit Testing, Visual Studio C#, WCF, Web API, OWIN, WPF, Web-developing, OOP, patterns, Database programming, project management, Git, Ext JS, LINQ, .NET Framework (2.0-4.7), WIndows Phone, MS SQL Server, Web Application Development, SOLID principles, MS SQL Express 2019
  • Software: For Web (ASP.NET, Silverlight, javascript, jquery, AJAX, Knockout, ), Windows (WinForm, WPF), WIndows Mobile, Windows phone 7.1-8, Windows 8 Store, Windows 10 Store Web-services (ASMX, WCF), LINQ, Silverlight, MVC, MVVM, Patterns, ServiceLocator, Unity, Prism, IoC, Dependency Injection, MVC, MVVM and other. HTML 5.0, CSS, JavaScript, Knockoutjs, LINQ, MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008, MS SQL 2012
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, Pervasive 2000 Server, Oracle 8.1 – 9.2, PostgreSQL, MongoDb
  • ORM: EntityFramework 4.0-6.1, EntityFramework Core, LinqToSQL
  • .NET: WinForms, WPF, Windows Store (Windows 8), Windows Phone 7-8.1, WCF, Silverlight, Blazor
  • Library: AutoMapper, SignalR, Web API, ASP.NET Identity, OWIN, Newtonsoft.Json
  • Frameworks (javascript): KnockoutJS, UnderscoreJS, BreezeJS, DurandalJS, jQuery, MomentJS, AmplifyJS, ReactJs, VueJS, Aurelia.io
  • Frameworks (HTML): Bootstrap, Metro UI CSS, Simantic UI
  • DI-containers: Autofac, UnityContainer, Funq, StructureMap, PRISM, ASP.NET Core
  • Patterns: MVC, MVVM, UnitOfWork, Repository, Mediator, Factory, Builder and others.
  • Version control systems: Source Save 2005, Team Foundation Server 2012-2013, GIT (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab)

My sites

  • www.calabonga.net – my blog you reading now
  • www.jfacts.ru – just facts. Website with the most interesting and amazing facts collected with verification of authenticity addressFrom around the world.
  • www.jquiz.ru – The game is based on "who wants to be a millionaire?"
  • www.calabonga.com – a feed of jokes, stories, and poems. Only selected humor collected in the "Museum of Humor".
  • www.headtrader.ru – website of a trader I know.


To ask a question, express constructive criticism or suggestions, you can contact me via the feedback form.

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My GitHub

All or almost all projects on June 5, 2017 after the site's transition to the platform ASP.NET Core has been moved to an open source repository GitHub. After updating the site version to ASP.NET Core (3. x. x) all projects described in the blog were converted and posted in GitHub Repositories.


My libraries and packages

I have created a number of builds for nuget.org which are somehow mentioned in the articles. If you couldn't find the article, you may be able to find the assembly itself on the site nuget.org.

You may also be interested in the proposed set of packages for JavaScript.

nuget.org npmjs.org

My Youtube

I have my own Youtube channel. A channel for programmers and developers who want to become real information system architects. About programming on the platform .NET and not only on the NET. As well as principles, rules, trends, advice and exchange of views. Interesting links, implementation tips, training, refactoring, and more.

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My Patreon

You can help me to produce more videos and materials for young developers. I will use more effective tools and equipment for content making. Become a Patron!

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Acknowledgements are accepted

Acknowledgements are accepted in the form of donations. If you read the article (or even more than one), and you liked the article, and even more so helped in solving any issue, you can donate any amount that you can afford. Donations will go to pay for hosting seven sites and Microsoft subscriptions in Windows Phone and Windows Store.